How to expand into your Soulful Self

Jun 23, 2022
how to expand into your soulful self

Meditate to become a vessel

My morning meditation group and I spent the last 40 days practicing bringing sense of joy into our BODIES. Tapped into that space, we wrote in full stream of consciousness what we want to experience in our lives, how we need to grow in order to make those experiences happen, and how we want to show up in the world. 

While some were able to connect to each prompt as they came, it took others the full 40 days to get just one part down. But everyone got at least one part down, and that’s a huge win. We’re all coming from different starting lines and working off different time schedules. The sooner we know that our best point of reference comes from inside, the faster we’ll connect with and maintain joyful connection. Without the joy, it’s hard to be curious, and without the two, we are more vulnerable to contract than expand.

Daily morning meditation sets the tone for the day, and it makes joy much more accessible because it connects you to your Soul during a time of day when the energy is much more conducive to tapping in. Soul connection creates wholeness, allowing you to truly see yourself. From this place, when you take pen to paper and write from full stream of consciousness, you become a vessel through which your Soul can write and let you know what she really wants. This message is your path to living life with purpose, passion, and fulfillment. 

Capture Your Soul's Desires

The act of writing helps capture your Soul’s desires, and the act of reading those words over and over again begins to bring them to life. Reading them will be a bit scary and exciting because the Soul doesn’t play small, and you’re used to listening to your ego which tells you you’re dreaming. The truth is, dreams make amazing things happen. Egos - not the dream - come up with all the reasons why they’ll break you. Your Soul - through your dreams - will tell you all the ways to truly live. 

So take your time, but don’t take your time. Get used to writing and reading lovenotes from your Soul on a daily basis, and before you know it, your dreams - your Soul’s desires - will begin to inform your decisions, both consciously and unconsciously. Your body will follow, and your ego will start to follow! Keep tapping into the joy that your dreams bring. Instead of sighing that you’re dreaming, let them get you up in the morning, inspire, and guide you. Don’t listen to the world’s logical practical nonsense - “follow” them only when their rules spark your Soul. Not only will you shift your current conversations with your current relationships and begin to attract true allies into your life, you’ll find your way into your most purposeful, passionful, Soulful Self. 

Love, Savitree


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