How to support yourself in your healing

Feb 03, 2022
How to support yourself in your healing

If your desire is to live fully rather than to just stay alive, then having the right support system is like air.

We ask our new clients about their support systems - who they are, and what it looks like.

There’s often a sense of, the support in my life say they are supportive, but they’re not very, at least not in the way I need them to be.

In our membership, we just had a group discussion on Spiritual Hungers and how we can use them to get the exact support we need.

Spiritual Hungers are hungers that we all have as humans, no matter who you are and where you come from. If you are human, you have them: hunger to be loved, to be seen, to be heard, to matter, to be touched, to be understood, etc. They underlie every emotion that we experience. This is important to know because then you can begin to understand that it’s not what’s actually happening in your life (the drama) that’s the issue. Your emotions are triggered by your Soul as a tap on your shoulder that your gas tank is going empty. Once you recognize that you are experiencing an emotion (we always are), the practice is to know which spiritual hunger is triggering it, and then get that filled. 



What is your emotion? 

I’m upset.


Because the doctors can’t seem to land on what the issue is that’s causing my physical pain.

What is your spiritual hunger that’s causing that emotion? Pick the first one that resonates, don’t get stuck here 

I hunger to exist. 

Let’s name a few ways to get your Hunger to Exist tank full. Here’s what our group came up with:

  1. Don't fight what's in front of you. Accept and do what needs to be done from there. Do not overthink.  
  2. Maintain your "normalcy." Maintain your daily rituals. Let go of worry, obsession, preoccupation - they've never healed anything. 
  3. Give your body some physical love and attention: (a) do an exercise where you pad down your entire body with your hands (b) practice progressive muscle relaxation (c) do abhayanga (a luxurious, warm, self-love, oil massage to detox the body and calm the nervous system)
  4. Get social: connect with others/ make contact with another person regularly

When you fill your hungers, even when these actions don't seem directly connected to the "problem" at hand, your action begins to strengthen your immune system and heal you from the deepest part of you.

This practice strengthens your ability to support yourself better by getting clearer on what you need. It starts to heal you through the power of expression and the gift of clarity that you give yourself as well as those around you who now get to be supportive in the way that you need them to be. It forges a sense of connection, appreciation, and cultivates a more positive relationship between you and your emotions, which informs your experiences and joys of life.


Love, Savitree

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about Spiritual Hungers and how to use them to heal and feel whole, download this pdf. You can even get a free 20 min consult to get help on how to use them. 


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