I wasn't feeling it (so I did this)

Oct 25, 2022
I wasn't feeling it

I woke up this morning feeling sad. I’m at the tail end of having a cold, and whenever I’m not feeling well physically, I often end up in tears. (can you relate?)

While I didn’t feel like doing anything, here’s what I know - it only takes one nourishing action to reset the course for the day. 


I got dressed, and went outside for a slow, gentle walk. It’s a beautiful fall day today in Chicago with warmer temperatures, falling leaves, and sunshine… a pretty perfect day. 

Moving my body felt good. So did being outside.


Normally, I retreat into my thoughts when I’m feeling sad. Today, I took my own advice and called a trusted friend. She happened to be on a walk too - what timing! As we walked, I talked and she listened. It’s not easy for me to open up, but it felt peaceful and connective to be heard and supported. In our conversation, she encouraged me to do something gentle for myself. By the time I returned home, I was feeling hopeful and energized.


That one action prompted a ripple effect. 


I came home, washed my face,  lit a candle, meditated, and listened to this mantra. I ate some yummy homemade vegetable soup with bread. After eating, I felt grounded, creative, and ready to work. That one action of going for a walk, completely transformed my mood and my day. 


Please keep this as a reminder - whether it’s meditating, making your bed, giving yourself a face mask, or going for a bike ride - that one action can be transformational.


With love and gratitude,



(much like this blog post!)