Let go of what isn't serving you

Sep 06, 2022

The transition from summer into fall is my favorite seasonal transition. We have longer, warm and sunny days while mornings and evenings are cooler and signal that fall is approaching. The neighborhood kids chatter excitedly with friends as they walk home from school. Football is on, pumpkin everything is everywhere, and tomatoes have been abundant in my weekly farm share. (I canned 18 jars this weekend, which is becoming an annual tradition for this time of year.)


While I love summer, I embrace this transition into fall, with a little note to self that I can embrace all transitions in this way - I’m looking at you winter.


Seasonal transitions create the opportune time to evaluate your daily routines so you can let go of what isn’t serving you, and lean into habits that will support and strengthen you as we move into colder months, and the holidays. 


If you’ve been wanting to start walking regularly, put it in your calendar and start with 15 minutes today. Make it a practice to breath deeply as you walk. Observe the subtle seasonal changes as they happen - the mums being planted, the leaves changing color and dropping, the squirrels gathering. Starting now means when it’s chillier, you’ll have your routine down and you’ll crave that walk outside. It will be a no-brainer, no negotiating, just doing it because it feels good, and it’s what you do


If you planned to read more this year and you’ve fallen behind, it’s not too late. Pick up a book, or audio, and dive in. Keep it on your table or next to your bed as a reminder to nourish your mind and read a few pages, or chapters. This month, we’re reading No Self No Problem: How Neuropsychology is Catching up to Buddhism by Chris Niewbauer, Ph.D. You’re invited to join us in discussing the book on Friday, September 30 at 12pm cst/ 1pm est, register here


If you’ve been wanting to wake up earlier to meditate, start now and experience the sunrise during your practice. Starting a 40 day practice this month means getting 90 days of meditation in before the holidays and end of the year! Use your meditation practice to support you as you navigate the busyness and emotions of the season. Plus, ending the year with a meditation practice means starting the new year with an established habit of waking up and nourishing yourself first. I feel energized just thinking about that for you. 


Whatever the habit, make the commitment today. Put it into your calendar. Lock it in. Start now. You won’t regret starting, but you will regret putting it off. 


What do you love most about this time of year? Reply and let me know, I love hearing from you.

With love,



P.S. On September 12, we’re starting our next 40 day practice which includes two meditations that help you tune out the distraction so you can focus on the essence of who you are. Join us here to practice with Savitree Monday through Friday, live on zoom. The practice includes daily journal prompts that help you deepen your experience and connection with yourself, and take your practice off your mat and into your life.


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