Patience + Surrender + Practice = Transformation

Dec 27, 2022
Patience + Surrender + Practice = Transformation

The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach is a sweet story of transformation. In it, a caterpillar learns from her friends that she can become a butterfly. All she needs to do is go within and metamorphosize for two whole weeks. For our impatient friend, this is an eternity! She is constantly asking the other caterpillars, “Am I there yet?!”. At one point, she tries to emerge early only to find that she has a misshapen body, no wings, and cannot fly. Alas, transformation cannot be rushed. She settles in and surrenders to the process. 

There’s an urgency that follows knowing that transformation is possible. The desire for personal growth and to no longer feel this level of distress or dissatisfaction can make you want to change as many things as you can all at once to feel lighter, more hopeful and engaged in your life. 

The New Year doubles down on this optimism and desire to do all the self care things starting January 1. You’re probably hearing it from friends, or seeing it on your socials right now…

Veganuary… Dry January… 30 day meditation/yoga/fitness challenge… mile a day challenge… Self-care challenge… Reading challenge… Fasting… Cleanses… Retreats…

You may be feeling pulled in different directions because the new year does offer a chance for a reset. Committing to your health and well-being is important. But doing too many things at once doesn’t work. Be selective and methodical. Transformation takes as much time as it takes, and surrendering to the process is part of the process. The first step is knowing you’re ready.

In The Very Impatient Caterpillar, as the caterpillar is metamorphosing, so is her community. Since they’re all engaged in the process, they support and encourage each other to stay the course. Taking transformation step by step and having support is critically important, and makes the process more fun and engaging. 

Tomorrow, December 28, we’ll begin sharing a free video series with you called the 3 Keys to Sustained Energy. Each day you’ll receive a new lesson featuring one of the 3 Keys. Take time to watch the videos and learn step by step, the value of each of these keys. At the bottom of each video is a button where you can send Savitree and me an email. Message us and share your takeaways. We’re here to support you in your transformation, and answer your questions along the way. 

With love and gratitude,

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