The 4 ways you'll get healed, loved, and fed

Apr 13, 2021
The 4 ways you'll get healed, loved, and fed


We are in a moment in time where, even if you’ve never considered spirituality as a practice before, it’s likely you’re faced with it to some extent. The world is being forced to look at humanity and its values. People are trying to reconcile between their responsibility in the oppression against the underappreciated and the pain (or joy) they feel allowed to express and experience in their own lives in spite of it. 

To be spiritual means to know yourself. This matters a whole lot. 
If you don’t understand yourself, understanding others is incredibly challenging. 
If you don’t care for yourself, your care for others is limited. 
They say that in order to love, love others. It’s true that, without the love for others, it’s just selfish love. But without practicing self-love, your ability to love others is limited. 
If you can’t take care of your own trash, trash anywhere else becomes overwhelming. 

So spirituality is important. And it’s all encompassing. Meaning, spirituality isn’t just prayer, meditation, and spiritual study. Those simply clear away the noise and offer a bird’s eye view. 


If spirituality is to know yourself, you know yourself best through your body. 

Knowledge is your launch pad, and action is your wisdom. 

You can know things (through meditation and study), but how you think, act, behave, and respond is something different altogether. 
You reveal your values through action. 

If you look at what's giving you the most grief in your life, there’s a clue there. And that clue is pointing to where your action isn’t lining up fully with your values

By deep diving into the four fundamentals that directly and immediately impact your inner world... your action will align with your values which then creates your experience of the world around you. 

These fundamentals give you the sustained energy, strength, discipline, and clarity to know and do what you want. 

Those four fundamentals are:

  • breathing (for stamina, clarity, depth)
  • eating (for the right kind of energy to carry you through)
  • sound (for the right kind of self-talk to pipe through all the cells in your body)
  • movement (for strength, vitality, courage).

It’s the whole, foundational, spiritual package that can’t be taken apart. 

These are what we focus on here at HealedLovedFed. With a highly intentioned community willing to take time to connect and support each other throughout your journey. 

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