Here's what daily practice does for your daily grind

Apr 27, 2023
woman, clock, routine

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


I wake up with dread. 

This is what too many new clients say. Their day might not even be so bad, they say; they might in fact feel pretty satisfied with the level of success they have had in their lives. But something is causing them to feel that way. Some report that they love everything on their plates, but they don’t know how to manage them all, and they yearn for time to explore their own personal interests. Some feel like they aren’t ‘living up to their full potential,’ and they ‘don’t know what to do’ about it. 


While what I’m about to suggest here isn’t the one singular solution by any means, it’s an effective, foundational start: 

Begin a simple daily morning meditation.

The magic isn’t in the meditation itself. It’s in keeping it sacred. 

Here’s why it works...

  1. Morning Alignment: Meditate before you do anything else (besides the morning bathroom routine minus scrolling on the phone if you happen to do that on the toilet), including walking your dog or feeding your cat if at all possible (they can be trained, and so can you). The stillness and “lack of action” allows you to scan, feel, observe, and be with yourself and your body when it doesn’t have to produce, create, or fix anything. In doing so, you give yourself the critical message that you’re committed to stopping and paying attention to yourself, and that you can rely on you. Especially when you’re having tantrums about it… if you walked away from your child whenever they had tantrums, they wouldn’t feel held. Likewise, you start to trust yourself when you sit through your own tantrums and hold the space for yourself until it blows over and beyond, patient and curious to see what follows. Because you’re working with nature’s circadian rhythm by doing this first thing in the morning, your biorhythms begin to function optimally, making meditation and your ability to relax easier over time. You begin to think and feel more secure and aligned. 
  2. Morning Information: Meditation is the best news you can turn on in the morning. Check in with your internal feed, it’s FULL of relevant information you’ve been searching for. When you sit and meditate first thing before anything else, how you feel and what state you’re in gives you information that will help you make better decisions for yourself. Because you practice first thing in the morning, you’re not trying to process breakfast, your morning conversation with a family member, emails, your social media feed, your writing assignment, the morning news, or your morning pet experience. You get to sit with and process your internal state - the state of your digestion, your energy level, your thoughts as you wake up - and in doing so, you begin to work things through and out. 
  3. Anchoring: You become anchored in your own identity from a higher perspective. You become more a tree, less a balloon. This helps you stay clear, grounded, and curious throughout the day when the world tries to push you around and keep you distracted so that eventually you’re no longer clear on what you want or need. Anchoring opens you up to better discernment, inquiry, and support. 
  4. Creativity & Purpose: Through daily practice, you access the type of creativity that aligns with your purpose rather than approval. You feel it because it unlocks joy and sense of play. It heals, first yourself, then those around you. Your daily routines, instead of feeling like a daily grind, begin to feel like a daily playground where options open up and things become possible. 

This one decision to do a daily morning practice is the foundational step to strengthen your ability to listen to, and trust in, yourself. Your guide awaits. 

Love, Savitree

P.S. - If you want tools to help you get there, here’s Self Practice. It was designed to give you practices that will lead you to your ultimate teacher and navigation system: YOU. And, I invite you to get on a Strategy Call with me to get clear on what your needs are, what you’re looking to accomplish, and how you might get there.


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