The 4 ways you'll get healed, loved, and fed

Apr 13, 2021


We are in a moment in time where, even if you’ve never considered spirituality as a practice before, it’s likely you’re faced with it to some extent. The world is being forced to look at humanity and its values. People are trying to reconcile between their responsibility in the oppression against the underappreciated and the pain (or joy) they feel allowed to express and experience in their own lives in spite of it. 

To be spiritual means to know yourself. This...

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How to fall apart. Then piece back together.

Apr 06, 2021

My life fell apart because of self care. Well actually, the lack of. 

I’ve always valued being of service to others... 

  • I’m the oldest child, so there were younger siblings to help care for. 
  • I was raised Catholic and went to a Jesuit college, so service projects were a big part of my life.
  • I grew up with a parent who was an alcoholic so I served in effort to keep the peace.
  • As an adult, I became a social worker where service was my job, and I took it very...
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How to make your life magical. For free.

Mar 30, 2021

Your story is real. It made you who you are. If you’ve survived your story, that means you’ve taken the steps to survive it, and you have something incredible to share. If you’ve survived some of it and are still working through the rest, you still have survived some of it and have those incredible pieces to share.

Stop making your story your burden and your excuse. 

Become the hero you were meant to be. Step out of that story, use it as your cape, and show others the...

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How yoga called on me to bring the sass

Mar 25, 2021

I LOVE CLOTHES. Let me start saying that. 

I used to do plus-sized runway modeling, and I’d get decent discounts for doing so. As my weight went up, I held on to some outfits with the hope I’d get back into them. It’s actually a bit shameful how many clothes I have. As I lost weight, I realized I didn’t like some of the clothes I’d been hanging onto and decided to get rid of a lot of them. I ended up giving away about 16 garbage bags full of clothes-- and I...

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The 3 ways to stop feeling trapped and get what you crave

Mar 23, 2021

It sucks to feel trapped. I know, I felt it for a long time. I was shackled by the roles and responsibilities I thought I had to the life I created (from the outside looking in anyway). When I finally let go of them, I discovered freedom… until I found myself in a relationship that threatened to make me feel trapped again, and I realized I fell into the same trap. 

Each of those times, I realized that I leaned into the safety and comfort of protecting what I thought I had...

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2 ways to improve your digestion immediately

Mar 23, 2021

Having digestion issues is tough, I’ve been there. I’ve suffered from it since I was a child. 

When you’re not digesting your food well, your body’s attempts to do so takes up a lot of energy.It can be painful, embarrassing, and socially crippling. 

I’m going to share with you two simple, powerful habits that you can start today to improve your digestion. 

1. Hot water sip - it’s exactly what it sounds like. Taking two to three sips of hot...

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What happens when you get up early and why successful people do it. 

Mar 16, 2021

There’s a different energy getting things done early morning versus in the middle of the night after everyone goes to bed. It’s about getting a head start on the day versus catching up. It’s about running on nourishment instead of on fumes. It sets the tone for a more proactive rather than reactive mindset.


There’s a circadian rhythm you follow by getting up early that allows you to bring your clearest, shiniest, most creative, and brightest side forward rather...

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Recode over your b.s.

Mar 09, 2021

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. 

Take the next 48 hours and observe what you say to yourself. Is your self-talk loving and supportive, or is it harsh and critical? Maybe it depends on the circumstances, but take time to notice what’s happening, because unchecked negative thoughts about yourself are damaging. Bringing awareness to your thoughts creates opportunity to stop the thought, check it for accuracy, and change it. 

Your self-talk is your mantra. The word...

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What yoga & meditation to practice when you don't have the time

Mar 02, 2021
Here’s a Zen proverb you might have heard: 


You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day. 

Unless you're too busy; then sit for an hour.


The real reasons why most of us are too busy: 
  1. We lack clarity, so we're all over the place.
  2. We lack focus and concentration. So we take weeks, months, and years to “unpack” instead of days, hours, or moments. 
  3. We lack healthy boundaries. We say yes to what’s not ours, which is so...
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How I became a trumpet-blowing burlesque dancer

Feb 25, 2021

I used to be very involved with community musical theatre companies on the north side and North Shore area years ago. I had done some acting in high school and college, and although a music major, never considered myself a singer. I sang in my church choir, and in choirs at school, but never considered myself “soloist” material. I always felt safe blending in with everyone else.

I began doing community theatre on a dare and found a whole new amazing community of creative friends....

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